The condition of the wife who was massacred by Daeng Lewa in Makassar is now aware of herself


A recidivist named Daeng Lewa slaughter wife, Selfi (30) and his father-in-law, Alimuddin (62) at Makassar. Both of them were injured and had to be rushed to the hospital.

Kapolrestabes Makassar, Kombes Yudhiawan Wibisono said that Selfi’s condition is now conscious. Meanwhile, Yudhi did not explain the condition of Alimuddin.

“His wife is aware,” said Yudhi, Saturday (22/10/2020).

Apart from his wife and in-laws, Daeng Lewa also injured a policeman named Bripka Zulqadri. Currently, his condition has also been conscious.

“These members are also aware that they are involved in the treatment process at Bhayangkara,” said Head of Makassar Police, Brigadier General Yudhiawan, he said.

Meanwhile, Daeng Lewa was shot dead by the police for resisting when he was about to be arrested. Until now, it is not known the motive of the perpetrators of slaughtering his wife and in-laws.

It is known that Daeng Lewa left Makassar prison for only 2 days after serving a sentence due to a murder case. Daeng Lewa was not once involved in a murder case.

“This perpetrator once committed a murder in Kalimantan and then also committed a murder in Makassar. So the latest information about this perpetrator has just come out of the prison,” Head of Panakkukang Police Commissioner Jamal Fathur Rakhman when confirmed by reporters, Friday (23/10 /).

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