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the concept is very popular on Twitter

After realizing the concept of the PS5 di Ghost of Tsushima, XboxPope goes further and also proposes a fan made render of the PlayStation 5 personalizzata per Horizon Forbidden West, highly anticipated sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn.

The gray design recalls the color of the rocks, torn by the signs of the claws of the robotic beasts and decorated with green moss which obviously recalls the luxuriant vegetation seen in the trailer. In the center a gigantic “H“, or the initial of the game’s name. In addition to the XboxPope console, it has also created a matching controller that incorporates the same design, with black keys and light gray analog levers.

Undoubtedly a nice concept, however unofficial the work is certainly of fine workmanship, don’t you think? Sony has stated that Customizing PS5 will be easier than on PlayStation 4 and this has given way to possible speculations on the presence of a greater number of models created ad hoc for accompany the launch of great games like the aforementioned Cyberpunk 2077 and precisely Horizon Forbidden West.

At the moment the only official version of PS5 is the one with the double black and white coloring but many are hoping for a Jet Black shade already at launch.

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