the commission that supervises the anti-covid measures does not attend the recordings

Audiovisual professionals ask for a greater presence of the State Health and Safety Commission in the filming. After confinement for the pandemic, the recordings they resumed with force despite having to have strict security protocols to avoid contagion between workers and actors.

With the return to the filming, it was established a guide with recommendations and good practices to get the job done safely. But for many professionals, as this confidential said, this was not enough.

One of the claims is that the State Health and Safety Commission in charge of supervising that all the protocols established in the recordings are complied with to avoid contagion.

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The organism is collected in the II Collective Agreement of the Audiovisual Production Industry Sector for technicians. It has been one of the great requests that audiovisual professionals have been making for years, not only to prevent infections due to pandemics, but to “control the security of the recordings”, as the TACEE union has assured this confidential.

The Safety Commission is created

The commission is created. The BOE published the entities that are part of this body, both unions and members of the employers’ association Pate (Associated Television Producers of Spain) and representative of the APCP (Association of Advertising Film Production Companies).

Some functions of this commission is to respond to the claims of the workers about incidents in the filming within a period of 48 hours, notify the visit to the filming for supervision 24 hours in advance and listen to complaints from professionals.

Well then. As you may have learned Confidential Digital, the members of the Commission are not going to the recordings to supervise that security measures are being complied with and avoid contagion by Covid.

Industry sources state that only have met once to establish the work system, but “it was not clear how the production companies or the workers had to get in contact to get them to go to the filming. Everything was drawbacks and drawbacks”, They assure.

Since that time “they have not met again” so they have not “been able to go to recording locations to make an assessment on the rules that are being carried out to prevent infections ”.

There have been serious cases

They remember that there have been recordings that have registered serious problems due to infections. They give an example: the filming of the program ‘Prodigies’ for Spanish Television. It must be remembered that as this confidential was exclusively revealed in the recording of this format there was a wave of infections by coronavirus.

The director of the program, contestants of the format, members of the jury, technical team … ended up giving positive for covid contracted during filming of the TVE program. The case came to provoke a parliamentary debate in the Cortes of the Junta de Castilla-León, as the recordings took place at the Miguel Delibes Cultural Center in Valladolid.

Industry sources confirm ECD that the anti-Covid commission was not present in these recordings either.

“Most infections are in social life”

Despite the fact that infections have occurred during some filming, industry sources recall that “the vast majority are occurring in social and family life. It is where they occur most ”.

In addition, they ensure that film and television production companies “They have taken the necessary measures” in order to carry out the work: “They have complied because there was no other remedy.”

But they insist that what what is needed is that “the Commission works fully” to be able to go to the filming and verify that the measures that are being taken are correct.


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