The College of Nursing of Malaga makes an urgent appeal to promote blood donation


The Official College of Nursing of Malaga has appealed to the population of Malaga to come and donate “urgently”, in order to guarantee adequate levels of this reserve in the province, after having verified a decrease in daily donations.

As indicated in a statement, citizens interested in carrying out this “altruistic and simple” gesture can consult the points set up in the province of Malaga for blood donation at the link of the Transfusion Center of Malaga.

Thus, they have pointed out that blood is “a liquid tissue that regulates the transport of oxygen that collects in the lungs to all the tissues of the body and eliminates carbon dioxide by transporting it from the tissues to the lungs”. “Since it cannot be manufactured, it is considered a permanent need for hospital and care activity, either for any treatment, emergency or surgical intervention,” they have specified.

The amount of blood in a person is related to their age, weight, sex and height. An adult person can have between four and six liters of blood, approximately 7% of their body weight.

Blood is made up of various elements with different functions, which is why they can be transfused to different patients depending on the characteristics of their disease. “That is why with only one donation more than one patient can benefit,” they have influenced.

In this sense, the school has recalled that the donation is “a simple and safe gesture for the donor, being able to donate all those people who are in good health from 18 to 65 years of age”.

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In this regard, they have stressed that “the professionals of the Transfusion Center will attend to the donor throughout the process so that their solidarity effort is as rewarding as possible and so that the donated blood is correctly treated and destined to obtain the blood products necessary for the transfusion of patients who need it with the maximum guarantees of safety”.

They have explained that the process is basically divided into four phases: reception of the donor, medical examination, blood extraction and a short rest with refreshments. Of course, the nurses insist that, if it is donated regularly, it is important that a period of two months has passed since the last extraction.

Finally, from the school they have transferred their “maximum gratitude to all the population who come to donate blood and who, with this simple, although essential gesture, are helping to save lives.”

“Without a doubt, the fact of donating blood involves a responsible and supportive attitude that must be imitated”, claimed the president of the Official College of Nursing of Malaga, José Miguel Carrasco.

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