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The classroom of the UNED in Vigo offers this summer an equality course | Radio Vigo

The course will take place from July 5 to 7 in person or online and will address the struggle of women to end inequality and violence.

At the Uned headquarters in Vigo, during the presentation of the courses, the mayor pointed out that “feminism and equality is a revolution, an alteration in the way we understand society and we have to be in it”, highlighting the importance of values ​​such as equality, education, teaching or promotion ”. Caballero pointed out that the UN “should have more momentum and, if possible, more presence.”

The president of the Provincial Council of Pontevedra, Carmela Silva, who will give the opening speech of the Vigo course under the title “The pending feminist agenda”, has indicated that this is the course of the UNED; there is no other more important “, and highlighted the people who participate” brave and provocative “and bet because” the feminist agenda cannot be parked, it must be at the center of politics ”.

The mayor stated that “he made an immense effort so that the UNNED was present in Vigo and we succeeded and today it is a magnificent reality in the city.” Nowadays has 1,148 students, in a total of 13 degrees (Psychology, Law, Business Administration, Social Education, Art History, Geography and History, Pedagogy, Computer Engineering, English Studies, Environmental Sciences, Political and Administration Sciences, Tourism and Information Technologies). ) and has a budget of almost 1 million euros per year that “is fully assumed by the City Council and we will continue to promote the Uned, a unique form of training.”

The Uned program 6 courses this summer in the province of Pontevedra: “Social silence, great accomplice of machismo” (Vigo), “Constitution and Rights: Art and Culture for Human Rights” (A Lama), “The values ​​of communication in hyperconnected society” (Pontevedra), “El Camino de Santiago and Islam: interreligious relations in Jacobean writing during the Middle Ages ”(Pontevedra),“ Philosophy in times of uncertainty ”(Pontevedra) and“ Political crisis in contemporary Spain ”(Portas).

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