The city of Dijon requests recognition of a natural disaster after the drought this summer

In a press release, the mayor of Dijon, François Rebsamen, explains that “this summer we experienced a new drought and some inhabitants of our city have seen damage to their homes. That is why I made the decision to _seize the services of the State so that the state of natural disaster is recognized in the municipality of Dijon._

The elected representative strongly hopes that this file can obtain a favorable result from the State so that the damage caused is taken into account. If a favorable opinion is given, this recognition will be the subject of a ministerial decree published in the Official Journal in accordance with article L.125-1 of the Insurance Code.

After declaration to their insurer, people whose homes have suffered damage are invited to make themselves known by mail addressed to the town hall of Dijon. Your letter should be addressed to the following address: Mayor of Dijon – civil security service, traffic coordination – CS 73310 – 21033 Dijon Cedex. It is necessary to clearly specify the nature of the observed disorders and to attach photographs to your letter.

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