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The Champions is Bayern! Psg ko 1-0 in the final

Sixth triumph for the Bavarians: in Lisbon it ends 1-0 with a goal from the former Juventus player in the 59th minute. Mbappé, Neymar and Di Maria waste too much, the Flick team celebrates the Triple (they also won the Bundesliga and the German Cup)

After Sevilla’s sixth Europa League, Bayern’s sixth Champions: Bavarian champions, 1-0 at PSG in the final, reached Liverpool in the roll of honor. The curse of the Parisians continues, sunk by a boy who grew up in their youth sector. But for Bayern it is the prize of absolute domination: no one had ever managed to win all the Champions League matches, from the first of the group to the last. The final act of this interminable football season, marked by the coronavirus pandemic, crowns Hans-Dieter Flick, the man who took the helm after Kovac’s exoneration and restored security to a team in an identity crisis, such as did in the past Jupp Heynckes, the last one before tonight to hoist the Bavarians on the roof of Europe (2013). The final, spectacular only at times, has Coman’s hair and Neuer’s gloves: in the end, it is they who make the difference.

Pole and waste

Bayern’s departure is what you expect: aggressive, a red wave that hits the Parisian defense as soon as it tries to set it from below. It is not difficult to imagine, however, what is the first commandment to follow for a team that can unleash Neymar, Di Maria and Mbappé in the open field: retrieve the ball as far forward as possible (Marquinhos is in the median for that) and operate the three monsters with the precision of the feet of Herrera and Paredes. And the Parisians succeed more and more often as the minutes pass: Neymar is the first to call Neuer to the classic hockey goalie save, but Di Maria and Mbappé also have important chances before the break. The 21-year-old phenomenon with 7 on his shoulders, however, strangely enough is not in the evening and wastes with two weak shots. On the other hand, Bayern are enlightened in midfield by Thiago Alcantara’s class, but in attack they combine less than usual: a couple of flames from Coman (preferred to Perisic) and as many chances for Lewandowski. The best is worth a pole with a turn as dirty as it is poisonous.

He paints Kimmich

The defensive solidity of PSG has the face of the eternal Thiago Silva, one to whom the long break has benefited a lot. Experience counts, just look on the opposite front how much effort the Davies moped makes, which he had so enchanted against Barça and Lyon. Who never trembles, on the other hand, is Kimmich, one who directed the Bundesliga towards Monaco by making a spoon from outside the box in Dortmund: it is he, in the 59th minute, who draws the perfect cross for Coman’s head, free to score the 1-0 after entering from the left and taking position in the small area. The goal is a blow that the Parisians are struggling to absorb, Kimpembe and Thiago Silva have to overcome twice when Keylor Navas is beaten, but there is time to react. And it takes a super Neuer again to deny Marquinhos equal. The last thrill is Neymar’s right-footed shot just out in the 92nd minute, then Orsato – the Italian touch of this final, together with Verratti who entered the second half – whistles and the Bavarian Triple becomes reality: Bundesliga, German Cup, Champions League. “Mia san mia” is Bayern’s motto. We are us. And like them, today, there is no one.

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