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The C’Chartres TT receives Amiens in a shock to win, this Sunday

Winner 3-0 at Issy-les-Moulineaux, this Thursday, April 8, C’Chartres TT recovered perfectly after its 3-0 bankruptcy at Miramas, four days earlier. But Emmanuel Rassouw’s team remains almost doomed to flawlessly if it wants to find the ProA.

The victorious C’Chartres TT in Issy-les-Moulineaux

Before attacking the home straight, it is therefore an obligatory victory this afternoon against Amiens, a direct competitor. Even more after Roanne’s 3-2 success this Saturday against Thorigné-Fouillard.

Aware of the stakes, the CCTT advances with all its weapons and determination against a Picard opponent beaten 3-0 in the first leg at the end of a game that is more hooked than the score suggests. In this meeting, like Majoros by Cantero, Ishiy was taken to the fifth set by Cifuentes.

Amiens lessened

Good news for the Euréliens, the Argentinian, best performer of his team (12V, 7D), will be missed. He is retained on the TQO of Latin America, in his country, in Rosario.

“In absolute terms, it does not change much because Amiens has a homogeneous team, underlines the coach from Chartres. It’s up to us to do the right thing! “What is needed is to win and if possible while leaving the opponent as few points as possible…

In the Cher, the motorbike is their mechanism of love

CHARTRES (Rosskopf room), this Sunday, April 11, at 4 p.m.
These TT Charters: Florent Lambiet (n°15, BEL), Bence Majoros (n°20, HON), Vitor Ishiy (n°49, BRE), Irvin Bertrand (n°83).
Amiens STT: Tamas Lakatos (n ° 35, HON), Jesus Cantero (n ° 47, ESP), Grégoire Jean (n ° 65).

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