The Case of Ahmed Ezz and Zeina: Court Orders Payment for Twin Sons’ Education

The case of the Egyptian actor Ahmed Ezz and the Egyptian actress Zeina has returned to the forefront, as a new matter occurred, which is that the Nasr City Family Court issued a ruling obliging Ezz to pay 23 thousand and 304 British pounds, educational expenses for the years 2022 and 2023 for his twin sons, Ezz El-Din and Zein El-Din.

Zeina had filed a lawsuit demanding her son’s educational expenses. Zeina’s lawyer, Moataz Al-Dakr, relied on the value of Ezz’s salary in the movie “The Passage” and the series “Abu Omar Al-Masry” and the advertisements in which he participated, including an advertising campaign in which he appeared during Ramadan.

The lawyer also presented investigations proving Ezz’s salary for three films in which he participated, namely “Al-Arif” (four million and 850 thousand pounds), “Kira and Al-Jinn” (four million and 200 thousand pounds), and “The Crime” (four million pounds).

The lawyer in the case also stated that Ezz owns a Bentley car worth ten million pounds.

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