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The Cambridge pyramid and the transformation of football

From long ball and pedaling to the idea of ​​the center half, the evolution that led to modern football

In the beginning chaos reigned. Football was a long ball and pedals or “kick and rush”, to use the English word because during His Majesty’s time this game was born. Basically, whoever took possession of the ball only cared about kicking it forward, as far as possible. His teammates would have taken care of him picking it up and then throwing it again, so that it would reach close to the opponent’s penalty area. A rather crude method, we would like to say primitive. On the other hand, being the product of rugby, it was natural that this was the first part of his development. Football was a special sport in the second half of the nineteenth century in England. It was used above all in universities and was made by those students who, tired of the usual games, wanted to abandon themselves in the arms of the novel, although the rules were not and the way to settle on the field is still clear. So it was thought that chaos, to a large extent organized, was the most appropriate style to experience this performance. Following contemporary canons, a team from that era can be drawn according to a 2-8 model. There was the goalkeeper and then two defenders who were responsible for repelling the opposition’s attacks, and everyone else was tasked with running after the ball thrown by the two players This team hopes to get close to the rival goalkeeper.

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