The Cabinet of Ministers of the Russian Federation approved monthly payments for children from three to seven years old

The Russian Cabinet of Ministers adopted a draft decree on monthly payments for children aged three to seven years. The government’s decision is published on the website of the RF Cabinet.

Earlier it was reported that the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection is working on a project on a differentiated allowance for children aged three to seven years inclusive due to the fact that after payments in the same amount, the average per capita income of not all families has reached the subsistence level. According to the department, about 95 billion rubles are needed to increase such payments. TASS.

According to the approved project, the Ministry of Labor will receive additional funds to provide subsidies regions of Russia and Baikonur. The government’s project will allow such payments to be provided in full in 2020.

RF President Vladimir Putin introduced monthly benefits from January 1. Payouts for low-income families started on June 1. On average in Russia, such benefits amount to about 5.5 thousand rubles.

In early September, the prime minister Mikhail Mishustin allocated over 34.4 billion rubles for such payments.

During his annual address to the Federal Assembly, Vladimir Putin noted that in 2021 payments for a child from three to seven years old, if necessary, could double.


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