The Cabbage Diet: A Quick and Controversial Weight Loss Method

Written by Fatima Khalil Sunday, October 29, 2023 12:00 PM Diet Cabbage soup It is one of the diets that help to lose weight. This diet includes eating cabbage soup for a week while gradually introducing other low-calorie foods, such as raw fruits and vegetables, into the diet throughout the week. According to experts, the cabbage diet helps to lose 5 kilograms of weight. per week, according to the Medical News Today website.

Cabbage diet to lose weight

The cabbage diet greatly helps in losing weight, because cabbage is very low in calories, so there is no limit to the amount that a person can consume while following this diet, in addition to that one can drink unsweetened, low-calorie drinks, such as herbal tea and black coffee.

Cabbage diet chart

At certain times throughout the week, a person can add other low-calorie foods to the diet, as follows:

Day 1: Eat cabbage soup and raw fruits, but without bananas.

Day two: Eat cabbage soup and cooked or raw vegetables, but without potatoes.

Day three: Eat cabbage soup and low-fat raw fruits and vegetables, but without potatoes or bananas.

Day 4: Eat cabbage soup, skim milk, and no more than 8 bananas.

Day 5: Eat cabbage soup, six tomatoes, and 565 grams of beef (or a beef substitute such as fish or chicken).

Day 6: Eat cabbage soup, unlimited vegetables but no potatoes, and unlimited beef (or any other protein option).

Day 7: Eat cabbage soup, sugar-free fruit juice, and brown rice.

Following this diet typically provides much less than 1,000 calories per day during days 1-3 and about 1,000-1,200 calories per day during days 4-7.

Because it provides very few calories, people on the cabbage diet should not exercise during the week. Their bodies simply won’t have enough calories to spend healthily during the extra activity.

Is cabbage diet effective for weight loss?

People who strictly follow the cabbage diet are likely to lose some weight, about 5 pounds per week or more, because it involves eating very few calories each day. However, in most cases, people regain this lost weight quickly once they return to the diet. Their usual diet.

It is important to note that only about 34% of the weight loss that occurs during the first week of a low-calorie diet is from body fat and the rest of the weight loss is likely to come from muscle tissue and water from intracellular and extracellular reserves.

Crash dieting can also reduce someone’s metabolic rate, which can cause weight gain or prevent later weight loss.

When the body does not get enough calories, it is forced to break down muscle for energy. The lower the muscle mass, the slower the metabolism, as muscle burns more calories at rest than fat.

Like many other fad diets, the cabbage diet is not a realistic plan for long-term weight loss. Eating too few calories will likely not provide enough nutrition for the body to function properly, which may lead to loss of muscle mass. Decreased cognitive function, feeling sick or tired.

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