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The builder of the new departures terminal at Vilnius airport has been selected

Lithuanian the airport operator has concluded the public tender procedure for the selection of the constructor for the construction of the new passenger departures terminal Vilnius airport. “Eikos Statyba” was chosen as a building contractor.

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The new terminal will be built between the VIP terminal with convention center and the old passenger terminal. The total value of the contract is € 41.5 million (excluding VAT).

The company had already won the tender, but the contract was not signed at that time due to the geopolitical situation, the rapid increase in construction and material prices, as well as the mandatory legal regulation of public procurement.

“Eikos statyba” has pledged to build an energy efficient A ++ departure terminal with a total area of ​​over 14,000 square meters and to rebuild 34,000 square meters of access to the airport by the end of 2024.

After the construction of the new passenger terminal, the total area of ​​Vilnius airport terminals will increase by a third and passenger capacity will more than double (from 900 to 2400 passengers per hour).

The new building will have two floors and the first floor is expected to include a self-service check-in area where passengers can check-in for their flights and check-in their baggage. There will also be shared public spaces, cafes and other commercial spaces, as well as airline offices. The building will include all necessary technical areas, such as baggage screening and sorting, and engineering systems.

“As aviation moves from recovery to growth, investments in the new terminal are essential. The old terminal’s capacity is no longer sufficient to meet demand. We expect to serve around 10 million passengers by 2030,” said Arns Dūmans. , head of the Department of Infrastructure of Lithuanian airports.

According to him, the investment will pay for itself in 10-15 years.

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