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Most people get their broom wrong. Because of this, they rub poorly and cause back pain

We probably all have experience with cleaning floors. It is not a very fun activity, but unfortunately it is difficult to do without it if we do not want to have dirty and sticky floors in the house.

You don’t really need a PhD to know how to clean the floor. We do this job as a matter of course, but there are some tips and tricks that will help us shorten it and make it more efficient.

Perhaps you too have never been completely satisfied with your freshly washed floors. It could also be that you are making one of the basic mistakes.

1. Choose the right cleaning products

Ceramic tiles wash with hot water with the addition of vinegar.

Already stone tiles never use bleach or ammonia.

Linoleum wash with soapy water.

Hardwood hates preparations with acidic ingredients. If it also has a wax finish, wipe it off with a nearly dry cloth.

Laminate never wash with a product that contains nail polish.

Vinyl wash with water with the addition of apple cider vinegar.

The most common reason your floors don’t look clean even after cleaning is the wrong choice of cleaner.

It is also a mistake to assume that the more cleaning products you use, the cleaner your floor will be. It is not true. Using too much cleaner can make the floor sticky and streaked. Over time, even its natural shine may disappear.

2. Choose the right mop

Today we have a very wide range of mops available. A classic twine or rag can be used on most floors

It is best to wash wood and laminate floors with a sponge mop. In any case, however, wring out the mop as much as possible before proceeding with the rag and do not forget to vacuum the floor well before washing.

3. Use two buckets of water

Your endeavor will be more successful if you use two instead of a bucket of water. Because every time you squeeze the mop, more dirt gets into your cleaning solution and back to the floor from there.

It is therefore best to use one bucket for the cleaning solution and the other for rinsing. Squeeze it well before returning it to the cleaning bucket. Or at least it changes the water every time it changes color.

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4. Clean in the right direction

Clean from the far end of the room to the entrance so you don’t have to step on a clean floor. Always keep the bucket by your side to avoid tripping over it. If using a sponge mop, clean in a straight line.

For wooden floors, rub in the direction of the grain.

If you have twine or rag, clean in a figure-of-eight pattern to take advantage of its convenient design.

5. Save your back, don’t bend over when cleaning yourself

It is important not to kneel or squat when cleaning floors. You should never get back pain from this activity. You can easily avoid it choosing the right mop. It should have a long enough handle so you don’t have to bend it when cleaning. Keep this in mind when choosing or choosing a mop with a telescopic handle that you can comfortably adjust to your height.

There are also mop heads in different sizes, so pick one that fits your size. If the mop is too heavy, you can hurt your back because you will have to put in more effort to move quickly and efficiently.

Keep your back straight, use the strength of your arms to move the mop and don’t twist your spine, otherwise you will strain your back unnecessarily.

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