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Despite the France Very High Speed ​​plan launched by the government in 2013 to cover the whole of France in very high speed, some households are still not eligible for fiber optics. However, not being eligible for this technology does not necessarily mean having to settle for very low speed even with an inexpensive internet box. There are many boxes offering ADSL and offering a very correct speed, this is also the case for the 3 ADSL internet boxes on promotion selected today, namely: Freebox Crystal, RED box ADSL by RED by SFR and the Bbox Fit of the operator Bouygues Telecom.

At Free, an inexpensive internet box is from € 9.99

The first ADSL internet box to be peeled, the Iliad operator Freebox Crystal. Currently on sale for the holiday season, it is accessible from € 9.99 / month. Outside of the promotional period, the monthly payment for this box is € 24.99. Choosing the Freebox Crystal now means saving € 180 on the year 2020, which is a good start to the year. For € 9.99 per month, this box gives access to a theoretical throughput of 15 Mb / s down and 1 Mb / s maximum upward. In addition, unlimited fixed telephony to France and internationally is also included in the subscription. At that price, the Freebox Crystal is one of the cheapest on the market to provide ADSL.

The Freebox Crystal is an ADSL box for only € 9.99.

Available only on engagement for one year, it will only be possible to terminate it after this past deadline, Unless you want to pay termination fees of € 49, to which it will be necessary to add monthly payments according to the remaining months. However, it is perfectly possible to terminate your internet box before seeing the price of the monthly payment go from € 9.99 to € 24.99. Speaking of termination fees, it is worth remembering that Free, like many other operators, bears the termination fees with a possible Internet service provider, up to a maximum of € 100. In addition, those wishing to benefit of an offer triple play can add the Freebox TV option. This gives you access to 220 TV channels for € 4.99.

The Freebox Crystal is an inexpensive internet box that includes:

  • Broadband Internet, 15 Mb / s theoretical speed in download and 1 Mb / s in uploads ;
  • unlimited fixed telephony to France and internationally;
  • assumption of termination costs up to € 100.

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The RED Box by RED by SFR, for a non-binding ADSL

Second cheap internet box of this selection, the RED Box of RED by SFR. This internet box offers two advantages compared to its competitors. The first is the lack of commitment. RED by SFR has made subscriptions and mobile plans without commitment its workhorse. As for the second significant advantage, this is the price: 15 € / month. A price that will not change after a year, as is the case for many competing boxes. Provided of course that RED by SFR does not increase its prices discreetly. As for its characteristics, the inexpensive internet box from RED by SFR makes its customers benefit from a Broadband Internet with 20 Mbps maximum downlink speed and about 1 Mb / s of upstream speed.

The RED ADSL Box is from € 15 at RED by SFR.

Unlimited calls to landlines in France and to more than 100 international destinations are of course included in the subscription. For those who find it difficult to do without a TV decoder, it is possible to get it for 2 or 4 € per month and thus benefit from 35 or 100 TV channels. As mentioned above, the offer of RED by SFR is without obligation and without price that doubles after a year. Like its competitors, RED by SFR offers cancellation fees up to € 100. Another Christmas gift offered by the SFR subsidiary, the first month of subscription is free.

The RED Box by RED by SFR can be summarized as: :

  • Broadband Internet with ADSL;
  • unlimited fixed telephony to France and internationally;
  • the first month of subscription offered ;
  • a non-binding offer.

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A Bbox Fit to switch from ADSL to fiber once connected

Last cheap internet box of this selection, the Bbox Fit from Bouygues Telecom. Marketed at € 24.99 per month, excluding promotional period, it is currently available from € 14.99. Take advantage of this discount offer, you will benefit from € 120 savings in the year 2020. As for the characteristics of the Bbox Fit, it provides high-speed Internet with 28.8 Mb / s of maximum downstream speed and 15 Mb / s of theoretical upstream speed. To this must be added unlimited fixed telephony to France and internationally.

The Bbox Fit, Bouygues' cheap internet box is available in ADSL or fiber optic.

The real advantage of opting for the Bbox Fit, however, lies in the possibility of switching to fiber optics without having to change internet boxes. Effectively, the Bbox Fit is a cheap internet box available in ADSL, VDSL but also in optical fiber, thus, once the fiber connection is made it will be possible to take advantage of very high speed directly. One of the shortcomings of this internet box nevertheless turns out to be the lack of a TV option. For those wishing to benefit from an offer triple play it will therefore be necessary turn to one of the two ADSL boxes presented above.

The Bbox Fit ADSL is € 14.99 per month for :

  • Broadband Internet with 28 Mbps maximum downlink speed;
  • unlimited calls to landlines in France and abroad;
  • ability to switch to fiber optics directly without changing boxes.

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