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The best anxiety supplements aren’t pills – find out the remedy

It is not necessary to suffer in silence or ask for a prescription for anxiety or depression problems. The answer is much simpler and more natural. In fact, the best supplements for anxiety are not pills: discover the natural remedy for anxiety with us.

According to studies and health experts, the‘oil of lavender helps reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Such as?

A natural remedy

Lavender is best known for its anti-stress quality (and for its good smell). The plant would in fact be able to slow the heartbeat and lower blood pressure. Furthermore, according to the opinion of some experts, lavender oil would be able to reduce the excessive activity of neurotransmitters, thus reducing the over stimulation and hyperactivity of the nervous response and helping to improve the symptoms of anxiety.

The best anxiety supplements are not pills – find the best-selling natural remedy during lockdown.

Lavender oil: sales surge during the lockdown.

Sales of lavender oil have soared in the last half year. The reason? More and more people have sought relief from the stress and sleep deprivation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Castle Farm, the UK’s largest lavender producer, confirmed sales quadrupled during the pandemic.

Does lavender have antibacterial and antiseptic effects in addition to providing the benefits described above?

The answer is no. It would in fact be an ancient popular belief. It is told how, when the Great Plague struck London, doctors hid lavender in the front of their face masks to help keep the stench of the plague away. Since that time, lavender has been praised for its antibacterial and antiseptic uses. In fact, the plant just smells good.

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