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The Babugers from Bansko grabbed the Golden Mask – 2024-02-24 21:15:57

At a solemn ceremony in the building of the Mining Directorate in the city of Pernik, the awards were officially presented to the winners in the individual categories of XXX International Festival of Masquerade Games SURVA 2024, which took place in January.
The presentation of the cooking group of Bansko was extremely impressive and attractive.

More than 150 Banskalis – children and adults, men and women, showed the town’s typical Survakar Babuger ritual, performed on January 1 – breaking bread and handing over the ear of wheat, which symbolizes sending off the old year and welcoming the new year.
The decision of the jury to award one of the four major awards of the festival – “Golden Mask” to Bansko, completely coincided with the reaction of the spectators when the parade of Banskalians with the unique Babuger costumes and authentic costumes began.
Banskalii did not change their reputation to be different even during the awarding in the Mining Directorate. The “golden mask” for the Babuger group of Bansko was presented by the secretary of the municipality of Pernik, Martin Zhlyabinkov. The representatives of the Kostei blata, Vionovo blato, Ulevinitsa hamlets and the organizer of events at the “Nikola Vaptsarov-1894” HC, Elena Kalaidzhieva, surprised those present in the hall with an attractive reminder of the presentation of banskalia, which deserved the highest distinction.

In a few days, the prize will be shown to the hundreds of DIYers at the community center in Bansko on their DIY Day celebration, and it will be an occasion to make the celebration even more fun, writes pirinsko.com.

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