the authors of Baldur’s Gate 3 showed the average character of the players

Studio Larian told Steam that it was very surprised by the most popular character creation option in Baldur’s Gate 3. At first, the developer even thought that the analytics system was not working. But she was fine. It turned out that the players predominantly create a cute male healer class.

“Congratulations, you’ve made an ordinary citizen. What the hell guys, – wrote Larian Studios. – We gave you demonic eyes, horns, and even tails. We are very disappointed. Go all out. We worked hard on this! “

Of course, the developers’ statement is humorous. Larian Studios thus noted that it collects analytical data about your game in the background.

“We will share more information and data in the next community post, but for now, you should know that bug reports are not the only ones that help us solve problems and improve the game. We have an anonymous analytics system running in the background that shows us a lot of how the game is played and therefore how we can improve it. “, – added the studio.

Baldur’s Gate 3’s next major update will include many fixes for scenes and animations, as well as UI crashes. The game was released in Steam Early Access on October 6 this year.

If you notice an error, select it with the mouse and press CTRL + ENTER.

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