Stories of Leather Shoes Entrepreneurs from Bandung, Initially “Resellers” Now Turning Hundreds of Million Pages all – A strong determination and willingness to continue learning is one of the main keys in entrepreneurship.

As Muhammad believed Yuqa Reynaldo which opens businesses in the field shoes leather named Kenzios brand.

Yuqa, as he is called, admits that he has the passion and determination to build his business.

He told me, at first only resseller who tried to sell the shoes he got from his best friend Ivan. When that Yuqa took advantage broadcasting via BBM (Blackberry messenger) to promote these shoes.

“So the system, I am just resseler. Me posting pictures, someone is interested, well I sell. The item I took from my friend, so it is pure, there is no capital, “he said when contacted, Saturday (10/10/2020).

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From his efforts, Yuqa initially got revenue up to IDR 3.5 million in a month. Departing from there, Yuqa was interested in focusing on developing his business right in November 2012.

In the first month, the sales system he used was still the same, which was still relying on posting photo via BBM. While focusing on his business, Yuqa learned to read opportunities, read the market to try to examine his sales system.

At one point, Yuqa no longer took things from her friends, but directly from the shoe factory. Shortly thereafter, he made up brand His shoes are named Kenzios.

When he opened his Kenzios shoe business, Yuqa spent Rp 20 million. To get around the limited capital, he made several models but with little stock.

“So what I add is the model from the stock. For example, there are 7 models but 1 model is only 3 stocks. Only a few,” he said.

Then in 2017, he started to dare to produce his own shoe business, without taking from the shoe factory. For the raw material itself, such as leather, he gets it from a supplier who has now become a customer.

Even today, Yuqa already has 42 employees to manage his shoe business.

As for the types of raw materials used, Yuqa admitted that they all come from within the country. Starting from local leather raw materials, local soles, to local-made glue.

Meanwhile, for the design of his shoes, he uses services freelance to detail the design, then the manufacturing process until the finished process is executed by the team itself.

Until now, Yuqa already has 200 resellers spread all over Indonesia.

Revenue which he got was no joke, per month he managed to pocket a turnover of Rp. 400 million to Rp. 500 million.

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Impact of a pandemic

Yuqa admitted that during the pandemic, his business was shaky because of the lack of buyers. Especially when the pandemic began to emerge in early March, the turnover had dropped by 50-70 percent.

But after entering the fasting month, his business started to crawl up again. “Even though the turnover had dropped, fortunately I didn’t have to lay off my employees,” he said.

At the same time, when the PSBB was implemented in Bandung, he did not produce too many shoes. In fact, he used that moment to improve his business SOP and improve his internal management.

Yuqa doesn’t have a shop offline at all to peddle their products. He only uses social media like Instagram to promote his business.

Even in Bandung, he only has 1 home industry specifically for managing his shoes.

Yuqa hopes that his business can expand into global markets and products leather shoes locally made in Indonesia is increasingly known abroad.

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