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the August 5, 2020 draw, 5 million euros at stake

LOTO RESULTS – The Loto draw for this Wednesday, August 5, 2020 will not have found a winner. Find the results of the draw below.

[Mis à jour le 5 août 2020 à 22h21] The results of the draw Lotto of this Wednesday August 5 fell! To hope to pocket the pretty jackpot of five million euros put into play by the Française des Jeux, it was necessary to succeed in combining these numbers on the grid: 15 – 17 – 22 – 32 – 46 and the lucky number 8. A last chance ? It was necessary to bet on these figures of the second drawing: 9 – 16 – 28 – 39 – 43. But the number five will not have brought luck, since no player has pocketed the jackpot of the day. Only two tables had the right combination, but without a lucky number, still winning the tidy sum of 86,075.20 euros.

> Try your luck for this draw with an FDJ grid

The only points for which there is no doubt are the time until which it is possible to play, namely 8:15 p.m., on the days of the draws, which are Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. But also the places where you can try your luck, on the site of the FDJ or in an approved point of sale, such as a tobacco shop for example, and finally, the price of the classic grid: 2.20 euros . Other than that, anything can happen. Even a victory! Because if you don’t win the jackpot, nothing says you won’t win a few thousand dollars. In addition to the fact that 10 codes at 20,000 euros are drawn each evening at the same time as the Loto draw, by finding even a small part of the combination, it is also possible to pocket a few euros, or even tens, hundreds and, for the lucky ones, thousands!

During the previous Loto draw, the FDJ had unveiled the following results: 23-30-42-43-48 and the N ° Chance 7. If no one had found the result of the Loto in its entirety, a grid had however been checked with the five correct digits. Only the N ° Chance was missing. The owner of the grid had won 113,490.20 euros. Certainly, not enough to go on pre-retirement before the hour, but enough, all the same, to put a little butter in the spinach. 28 participants also got their hands on four of the five numbers as well as the Chance number. Everyone was able to pocket 989.20 euros. As the French gamer likes to say, “100% of the winners tried their luck”! So why not you ?

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