The Asturian Costumbrista Theater Hall, in LA NUEVA ESPAÑA

Traditional Asturian theater will be the protagonist of the activities at the LA NUEVA ESPAÑA stand at the FIDMA Asturias International Trade Fair. The newspaper’s facilities host, at 12:30 p.m., the presentation ceremony of the XXXII Asturian Costumbrista Theater Hall of Candás 2022.

This is a cultural meeting whose main objective is to promote art in Asturias and keep theatrical activity alive. The Asturian Costumbrista Theater Hall of Candás 2022 is a benchmark project in the field of regional dramaturgy, which anchors its origins in the purest tradition of theatrical costumbrism and, especially, in the Candasín cultural field.

Participating in the presentation of the Asturian Costumbrista Theater Hall of Candás will be Amelia Fernández, mayor of Carreño; José Jesús Varela, president of the Prendes Theater Board; Francisco Costales, Director of Development of LA NUEVA ESPAÑA; Lucía Villaveiran, commercial director of SER-Gijón; Josefina García, from the “Asturian Comedy Company”; Josefina Fernández, from the “Xana Cultural Group”; Pepín García, from the theater group “San Félix de Valdesoto”; and Alain J. Fernández, managing director of the Prendes Theater.

The speakers will address the different aspects of the content of the Asturian Costumbrista Theater Show in Candás 2022 and will explain the importance of celebrating this important event for the people of Candás every year, in addition to delving into the beginnings and history of Asturian costumbrista theater.

In addition, there will be a brief performance by theatrical actors of this genre, to show what a costumbrista representation is like and encourage the public to approach and appreciate this form of culture that is so deeply rooted in Asturias.

The Salón del Teatro Costumbrista de Candás began in the Carreño Town Hall at the beginning of the 1980s and, since then, each year theater companies have performed Asturian works on the stages of the Principality.

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