Rainbow Club VTuber Axia Krone announces graduation, channel will be closed from 7/12 | 4Gamers

ANYCOLOR announced today (1) that its VTuber Axia Krone (アクシア・クローネ / Axia Krone) graduated on November 30th.

In the announcement the Axia had previously announced the suspension of operationsLater, the company discussed various directions with Axia regarding future activities, but finally decided to respect her strong will and accepted her graduation application. It is a pity that the fans who supported and waited for her return have heard such news.

Axia Krone’s YouTube channel and Twitter will be shut down after December 7, related products and sounds will also cease to be sold, and the company will stop receiving all fan mail after December 31.

Axia’s Twitter also uploaded her graduation report to pass on the news to all her fans.

Since Axia Krone debuted on July 19, 2021, he has continued to focus on live broadcasting of the game. On August 18, 2022, he informed fans in a video that he would be suspending activities and suing for defamation. Additionally, the video also mentioned some excessive fans treat him like a child and think she is his mother.

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