The Association of Municipalities, in solidarity with the mayor Fritz / 23 mayors of municipalities condemns the forced entry of AUR in Timișoara City Hall and asks the institutions “to act firmly”

The Association of Romanian Municipalities is in solidarity with the mayor of Timişoara, Dominic Fritz, and strongly condemns any destabilizing action that harms the order and the rule of law, after several members and supporters of AUR, together with the leader of this party, George Simion, entered the City Hall, chanting slogans and asking for an audience with the mayor.

“The Association of Romanian Municipalities took note with concern of the incidents that took place on Friday at the Timişoara City Hall, when several AUR members and sympathizers forcibly entered the institution’s headquarters. We strongly condemn any destabilizing action that violates the rule of law and the rule of law! We stand in solidarity with the mayor of Timişoara, Dominic Fritz, and with his colleagues who witnessed today’s violent scenes, and we call on the state institutions with responsibilities in public order to act firmly and to sanction such acts, but also to prevent in the future, the repetition of such aggressive and primitive actions that have nothing to do with a civilized state, a member of the European Union “, it is shown in a press release, from Friday evening.

The communiqué is signed by 23 mayors: Emil Boc, AMR president, Cluj-Napoca mayor, Constantin Toma, executive president, Buzău mayor, Ion Lungu, first vice-president, Suceava mayor, Ionuţ-Florin Pucheanu, mayor vice-president, mayor of Galaţi, Mihai Chirica, vice-president, mayor of Iaşi, Lia-Olguţa Vasilescu, vice-president, mayor of Craiova, Florin Alin Birta, vice-president, mayor of Oradea, Ionel Ciunt, vice-president, mayor of Zalău, Florin-Tiberiu Iacob Ridzi, vice-president, mayor of Petroşani, Viorel Marian Dragomir, general secretary, mayor of Brăila, Ciprian Ciucu, spokesman, mayor of Sector 6 of Bucharest, Dan Bobouţanu, member, mayor of Hunedoara, Călin Laurenţiu Bibarţ, member, mayor Arad, Vasile Pavăl, member, mayor of Vaslui, Marcel-Laurenţiu Romanescu, member, mayor of Târgu Jiu, Daniel Cristian Stan, member, mayor of Târgovişte, Nicolae-Florin Oancea, member, mayor of Deva, Árpád – András Antal, member, mayor of Sfântu Gheorghe, Gábor Kereskenyi, member, mayor of Satu Mare, Lucian-Daniel Stanciu-Viziteu, member, mayor of Bacău, Astrid-Cora Fodor, member, mayor of Sibiu, Mircia Gutău, member, mayor of Râmnicu Vâlcea, Alin Ioan Moldoveanu, member, mayor of Câmpina.

On Friday, several members and supporters of AUR, accompanied by the leader of this article, George Simion, entered the Timişoara City Hall chanting slogans such as “Get out, you ordinary bastard”, “Herr Fritz, don’t forget, Timişoara is not yours ”or“ Shame, shame on you ”.

Subsequently, the Police Inspectorate of Timiş County announced that it had opened a criminal case for violating the professional headquarters, the investigations being led by a prosecutor from the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Timişoara Court.

source:, Photo source: Facebook video capture


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