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The artist’s multifaceted career

Àlex Casademunt was only twenty years old when his life took a 180 degree turn. Born in Vilassar de Mar on June 30, 1981, he was working as an appliance technician when he decided to appear on a program that promised to be one of the newest formats on the television grid. This is how he came to Operación Triunfo, the reality show that catapulted him to fame. Today, his fans woke up with the news of his death after suffering a traffic accident in Mataró.

His passage through the first edition of ‘talent’ left successes as remembered as the duo that he starred in with David Bustamante, ‘Two men and a destination’.

At the end of Operación Triunfo, Casademunt joined the musical group ‘Fórmula Abierta’, where together with his colleagues Geno, Javián and Mireia they published the album ‘Still there is more’, which included the hit ‘Te quiero más’.

His trajectory in the group, however, did not reach the second album, and he decided to try his luck on his own.

In 2003, he began his solo musical career, a step with which he also made a leap as a television presenter, joining programs such as ‘Los Lunnis’ or ‘Look who is dancing!’.

Over the last decade he has gone through different television networks and through different programs, such as ‘Crónicas marcianas’ on Tele 5, he acted in television series such as ‘La sopa boba’, on Antena 3 (along with Lolita Flores or María Barranco ) and even joined the cast of the musical ‘Mamma Mia’ in 2010.

In 2013 he resumed his musical career, together with his brother Joan Casademunt, while in 2016 he collaborated in the program ‘Hora punta’, presented by Javier Cárdenas in La 1, and returned to the stage with ‘Fórmula Abierta’ with Javián and Tessa Bodi.

In an interview on RAC1 in 2018, both Àlex Casademunt and Gisela Lladó agreed that no one was prepared for a success like the one they experienced, and they remembered how they often had to leave the shopping centers escorted by the hysteria they generated.

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