The Argentine National Team travels to the Monumental… in combis! SPORTS The Intransigent

For more than a week, the transfer of the players from the Argentine Soccer Team al monumental stadium for the match against Panama it was a matter of debate and concern. Finally, Lionel Messi and the rest of the players ended up traveling this Thursday to the stadium of Riverbut not by bus or helicopters… but in vans!

The original plan of the Argentine Football Association, the security organizations and the Argentine National Team was that they could travel as usual by bus. Different options were also evaluated. One of them was that, as in the reception party for the world champions in December, they could travel in different helicopters to avoid crowds.

To the Monumental, in combis

Finally, after several distraction operations, the final decision was for everyone to travel in minibuses. The players, members of the coaching staff and managers of the AFA traveled in four vans. In EzeizaHundreds of people were waiting for the players to leave, although they could not get close due to the strong security operation.

Unlike what happened in December, when millions of people took to the streets in the Buenos aires city and surroundings, collapsing the route of the Argentine National Team, which forced to abort the planned trip to the Obelisk, this time the players were able to move without problems. Less public on the streets and a more important operation with a greater police presence changed the scene.

Argentina vs. Panama: the party of champions

Argentina faces Panama this Thursday at the Monumental Stadium in the party of the world champions. The match, the first for the National Team after the final of the Qatar World Cup 2022 contra FranceIt serves as an excuse to celebrate. The game starts at 8:30 p.m., but throughout the afternoon there will be celebrations and musical events with guest stars such as Wos, The T and the M, Fer Palacios, Los Totora y Ariel Ardit.

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