The Alimerka Foundation gives air to the heroes of social welfare

The Solidarity Vouchers initiative was launched in 2005 with the aim of involving customers of Alimerka Supermarkets in the actions carried out by the Foundation. Each month, loyalty card holders receive a voucher for an amount that varies depending on the expenditure made over the previous period. This voucher can be redeemed as a discount or donated to finance health and social action projects.

Of the 1,500 monthly donors of the first years, an average of 18,000 people have been reached who each month use their discount vouchers to support social projects. This has meant an increase in the amount collected of more than 300%. From the beginning of the program, in 2005, until August 2021, the total collection has been 1,306,411 euros, which have been distributed among numerous projects.

A total of 103 different entities from Asturias, León, Valladolid, Burgos and Zamora have been beneficiaries of the Solidarity Vouchers campaign, with grants that were intended to develop health, disability, social intervention and development cooperation initiatives.

Now, to make visible these groups in situations of special vulnerability, the ‘Stories that are worth your voucher’ campaign is being launched. The life of beneficiaries of the aid granted thanks to the solidarity of Alimerka’s clients is narrated. To make it known, some posters have been published that will be installed in supermarkets and that story will be published on the Foundation’s website, starring an ALS patient and his wife and other people.

The campaign will serve as a platform to attract more clients to donate their monthly vouchers to social projects. It can be done in person at the cashiers – where the customer decides when to donate the voucher he receives – and at the purchase online, in the client’s personal area on the web, in the “My vouchers” section, where all those that each one of them has are available. In the Alimerka app you can access ‘Promotions’ by pressing the message ‘Donate’.

100% of the amount collected goes to social action and health projects chosen each year by the Alimerka Foundation through a call.



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