The administrative center of Chartres and its agglomeration inaugurated in the presence of 700 people

“Be happy with your town hall!” concludes Jean-Michel Wilmotte. Facing the architect of the Administrative Center, a crowd listening religiously to rebuild with words this town hall of Chartres and the agglomeration, which he wanted to be “at the height of the Montescot building”.
A functional building, responding to the challenges of the time, bright, photogenic… The designer delivered what he dreamed of and his intentions down to the smallest details.

Jean-Michel Wilmotte, architect of the Administrative Center in Chartres: “I would do the same but a little faster”

This long-awaited and “non-standard” building, as Jean-Pierre Gorges, the mayor of Chartres and president of the agglo, will say, was the object of all the praise. It took ten long years of adventures, by the admission of all the actors of this project, to lead to this inauguration, which will remain in the local history of Chartres, and in which 700 people took part yesterday, in the hall Marceau.

One-stop shop

For his part, Franck Masselus, deputy mayor of Chartres, vice-president of Chartres Métropole, in charge of the administrative center project, resituated the genesis of the project. And reminded the ambition of this equipment: “To offer the Chartrains and the inhabitants of the agglomeration a single counter and to our collaborators a place at the height of their missions. »

Discover the future administrative center of Chartres seen from the inside

“Bet Won”

First observation since the opening of the place, a few months ago, “one out of two formalities is carried out by a resident who lives beyond Chartres. One would have thought that Chartres was having fun. Well no ! It’s as much for residents outside Chartres as for the city, ”rejoiced Jean-Pierre Gorges. Like “a won bet”, for the latter, who sees in this administrative center “the beating heart of our agglomeration”.

Open house this weekend
The town hall and agglomeration will be open to the public, Saturday 25 and Sunday 26, from 9 am to 6 pm. On this occasion, guided tours will be offered throughout the weekend. They will allow everyone to discover its different facets: “The reception, the gallery, the council room, and the reception room; but also its backstage, its “double skin” and its technical heart allowing the whole to function. » These visits are free and do not require registration.

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