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The 70 years of Isabel Preysler, in photos | People

Isabel Preysler is 70 years old this Thursday, February 18. Three times married, mother of five children and grandmother of seven grandchildren, this Filipina who came to Spain at the end of the sixties to study secretarial work and flee from a love that her parents did not like has become over the years in one of the best known faces in the country. But, on the other hand, also in one of his most followed characters. Everything she does generates curiosity, from her wardrobe to her parties to her grooming routines. Always on the most elegant lists, we review the evolution of Isabel Preysler over the last half century.

In 1970, Isabel Preysler met Julio Iglesias, then a star in Spain. They were married in Illescas (Toledo) in 1971, in a wedding that was widely followed by the entire national press. The bride was a few weeks pregnant and gave birth to their first daughter seven months later in Estoril, Portugal. Above, the couple tasting the wedding cake.

From her marriage to the singer, Chábeli, Julio José and Enrique were born. They were featured publicly in the media and soon shared their parents’ fame. Above, Isabel Preysler and her father-in-law, Dr. Iglesias Puga, at the baptism of the second of their children, Julio José, in the spring of 1973.

For years, Chábeli Iglesias (now 49 years old) was considered the main continuation of her mother’s legacy. Much persecuted by the media, she lives in Miami with her second husband and two children.

A family portrait of Isabel with her three oldest children in Madrid, in 1979. At that time Preysler had been divorced from Julio Iglesias for a short time.

Shortly after his separation from the singer, Preysler met Carlos Falcó. A friend of King Juan Carlos, with whom he had studied, the Marquis de Griñón, a career engineer, stood out as a wine entrepreneur. The couple met in the late 1970s and were married between 1980 and 1985, a union from which Tamara was born. The marquis – who died in March 2020 due to the coronavirus – maintained a loving and close relationship with Preysler’s older children.

While still married to Falcó, Isabel Preysler, 36, met Miguel Boyer, a socialist minister in Felipe González’s government. They were married in such a low-key ceremony in court. It was the third wedding for her and the second for him. Not even relatives attended. Of him he said: “I fell in love with him, I felt sorry for Carlos, but it happened.”

Along with Miguel Boyer, Isabel Preysler had a daughter, Ana, who studied Economics in the footsteps of her father. Boyer suffered a brain hemorrhage in February 2012 from which he recovered although there were sequelae. The economist said that he had been saved “thanks to his wife.” Boyer passed away in September 2014.

For little Tamara Falcó, Miguel Boyer became something of a second father. In fact, she affectionately called him “Uncle Miguel.”

Throughout her life, Preysler has been committed to various fashion, beauty, jewelry and especially home decor brands, with whom she has attended presentations and traveled around the world. Here in a picture from the mid-nineties.

Thanks above all to its collaborations with the well-known tile brand Porcelanosa, Preysler has attended events alongside celebrities such as Richard Gere, Kevin Costner, Claudia Schiffer, Antonio Banderas, Sofía Loren or even Prince Charles of England. In addition, they have been introducing their children (and even their partners), who have often participated in these events and posed for them.

Five years ago the last great love story of Isabel Preysler began. After having been married to an internationally famous singer, a marquis and a socialist minister, since the spring of 2015 she has been in a relationship with the writer and Nobel Prize winner for Literature Mario Vargas Llosa. He was in the process of separation when they met. Since 2018 he has been single and therefore they can get married. But they never finish clarifying if they intend to do so.

As a popular confirmation of the fame that Preysler has achieved, in 2018 the Madrid Wax Museum unveiled a figure of her that had taken about a year to be made and that even wore one of her dresses.

Preysler’s various marriages could have spawned different families, but she has always been the union of her children, so they all make up a large pineapple that communicates through an asset chat by WhatsApp. Above, the matriarch and her partner, the writer Mario Vargas Llosa, along with Xandra Falcó, daughter of the Marquis de Griñón and sister by Tamara’s father, after proclaiming herself this winner of MasterChef Celebrity.

Preysler is a grandmother. He has two grandchildren from Chabeli —Alejandro, 18, and Sofía, eight—, three from Enrique — twins Lucy and Nicholas, three years old, and little Masha, one year old—, and two other children of Ana Boyer. and Fernando Verdasco, named Miguel (two years in March) and Mateo (two months).

As a representative of Spanish social life and also as a couple of powerful men, Preysler has become a regular face of high-profile events, as in the proclamation of Felipe VI, in June 2014.

Throughout these years, Preysler has become a regular face on the covers of the heart press, to which he has given access to his life and home. In them he has shown his joys and misfortunes, his own weddings and divorces and those of his children and all the important events of his life. Of course, this round 70th anniversary has also been celebrated in them.

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