“The 7 Most Beautiful Starbucks Stores in Asia: A Look into Stunning Designs and Local Influences”

More than just a coffee shop, several outlets Starbucks worldwide has wowed design enthusiasts and coffee lovers alike. With scenic spots conceived by renowned architects, this location has become a place to immerse yourself in coffeehouse culture as well as to admire the feel of local design.

Launch Tatler Asia, the following is The 7 most beautiful Starbucks stores in Asia which can amaze all visitors. Interestingly, there is one outlet in Indonesia that is included in this list, you know!

Starbucks Taiwan Community Store (Hualien, Taiwan)

The outside of Starbucks Taiwan Community Store/Photo: Instagram.com/starbuckstw

This outlet is an elegant place located in Xiulin Township in Hualien County and directly opposite the green mountain scenery. Opened on 5 January 2023, this store is one of 150 Starbucks Community Store around the world.

The venue is expanding the brand’s social initiatives into Taiwan, where a portion of the profits from the Community store will be donated to Hualien County Private Heping Sustainable Charity Foundation. The store’s design concept incorporates influences from Hualien’s rich indigenous community and culture, and incorporates vibrant art installations by indigenous artists Miru Hayung and Eleng Luluan, the latter of whom have created mixed media pieces featuring local textiles and embroidered fabrics for an added touch of fun. like to shop.

Starbucks Korea Kyungdong 1960 Community Store (Seoul, South Korea)

Interior of Starbucks Korea Kyungdong 1960 Community Store/Photo: Instagram.com/cosmopolitankorea

Opening December 15, 2022, this popular Starbucks store in Kyungdong Market, Seoul combines historical beauty with a focus on local community. Taking over the site of the former Kyungdong Theater which was first built in the 1960s, this Starbucks store will not only restore historic architectural elements to the venue while incorporating contemporary and retro design details, they will also host various cultural and musical activities featuring local artists. .

In addition, the store will donate ₩300 or approximately Rp. 3,405 for each item sold at the store to Korean Commissions for Corporate Partnership (KCCP), as part of an ongoing plan to revive and renew Kyungdong Market. The two-story outlet seats 143 on a total floor plan of 8,664 square feet, with seats facing the coffee bar in an experience similar to being in a theatre, with diners watching the barista at work.

Starbucks Daegu Jongno Gotaek (Daegu, South Korea)

The inside of Starbucks Daegu Jongno Gotaek/Photo: Instagram.com/starbuckskorea

The newly launched store in Daegu, South Korea continues the brand’s dedication to creating memorable places. Opened on October 20, 2022, the Starbucks Daegu Jongno Gotaek store has a traditional style structure that pays homage to the stylish home hanok and the rich cultural heritage of the city of Daegu.

Floored gable roof elephant and the generous use of wood add to the charming ambiance inside the comfortable 120-seat venue, complemented by Korean-influenced murals, modern furnishings, and relaxing rhythms played from Bang & Olufsen speakers.

The store also marks the start of the American coffee chain’s ongoing collaboration with the Danish audio brand, which will soon be co-hosting a series of music-themed workshops and events in the store.


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