The 6 essential nutrients for a good memory

This selection of powerful foods will be the best ally to improve the functioning of the brain, responsible for directing all the functions of the organism. Integrating these foods into your diet is the best way to improve concentration levels, memory, physical performance and mood.

The brain is the tool most important body, takes care of vital functions how breathe, regulate the heartbeat, the dream, the hungry wave thirst; also intervenes in superior functions how are the memory, the reasoning, the conduct, the Attention and the Emotion control

It is wonderful to understand how everything happens in our life It is regulated by our encephal it The brain is the more complex organ that we have and therefore is quite sensitive to any type of nutritional deficiencies. When we need certain vitamins and minerals we favor the brain degenerate little by little, in the short term we will feel this with the appearance of symptoms how memory losslittle concentration, low energy, much fatigue and discouragement.

Thanks to the brain we live Y we reason, so it is essential to try to have Healthy habits keep the healthy brain, active, lucid Y strong; It is proven that the feeding Play a vital role in its operation. Meet the nutrient list they can’t missing in your diet and that they will become the best ally for improve your mental performance, physical Y emotional.

1. Vitamin C

One of the greatest virtues of the vitamin C is his great antioxidant power, stands out for its protective action that protects the brain of the oxidative stress and of the degenerative processes. It also stands out for its properties to strengthen the immune system Y avoid cognitive impairment, its consumption is decisive to combat diseases such as Parkinson, Alzheimer’s and others types of dementia Another one of his extraordinary works is because it acts as a powerful antidepressant natural, which increases the levels of a neurotransmitter called serotonin responsible for regulating the mood; when disorders in the levels of dopamine, one of the main symptoms They are memory disturbances You will find it in high levels in all citrus fruitss, how are the orange, the lemon, the grapefruit, the lime and the Mandarinto fruits As the Kiwi, the strawberries Y vegetables Like the Red peppers, the broccoli, the cabbage and the tomatoes.

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2. Vitamin B1

Optimize the consumption of foods rich in vitamins from group B result essential for the correct brain functioning. In particular the vitamin B1, is key to fight against memory impairment, one of the main virtues of this vitamin for protect the brainor, is that it reduces the levels of homocysteine, a metabolic product found in the blood plasma.

The vitamin B1 also receives the popular name of thiamine and it is important since it intervenes in the glucose absorption process, facilitates cardiovascular functions and intervenes in a good visual health. You will find it in most of the meat / animal proteins, how can the veal, the chicken, the beef, the pork and the fish. It is also found in foods such as lentils, the chickpeas, the beer yeast, the nuts Y whole grains

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3. Omega 3 fatty acids

An interesting fact about the brain is that it conforms to a 60% fat, that is why Omega 3 they are one of the best allies for nurture it and improve their functions. These fats fulfill the important task of fabricate the membranes cell phones who take care of the cell formation new brain

There are several studies that check one direct relationship between imbalance of Omega 3 is the feeding and the cognitive impairment. You will find it in foods such as blue fish, the Salmon, the tuna, the sardines, the herring, the seeds of flax chia seeds, the walnuts and the vegetable oils.

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4. Calcium

The low calcium levels in the organism they not only affect the teeth Y bones, also a low calcium intake it relates directly to a decreased brain function. It turns out that calcium participates in the transmission of neuron signals, That is why correct calcium levels they play an indispensable role in certain functions that the brain performs, as are the learning and the good memorya, in combination with good levels of vitamin C becomes the perfect combo to fight against free radicals. You will find it in foods like the lthrow, the cheesesthe yogurt the tofu, the cabbage, the nuts Y seeds, especially the almonds, the sesame and the bean.

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5. Zinc

It is a fact that the brain communicates better with zinc, studies conducted in the Duke University and of Massachusetts Institute of Technology check that zinc intake improves memory, this is because regulate communication between the hippocampal neurons where the learning processes and memory It is also said to be a substance that actively participate in the FIjación of memories. You will find it in foods such as Pumpkin seeds, the green peas, the mushrooms, the egg, the oysters, the Integral rice, the Pork Meat and the bitter chocolate.

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6. Magnesium

The magnesium benefits for optimize and accelerate the brain functioning are indicated to reverse the natural brain aging process and improve the Long term memory. According to the researcher’s studies Inna Slutsky magnesium increases the number of synaptic transmissions and it is proven that it acts effectively to combat altered moods as the depression and the anxiety. You will find it in foods such as wheat bran, the spinachs, the chard, the almonds and the avocados

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