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The 500 Lire Aretusa, a treasure for those who own them: this is how much they are worth

The 500 Lire Aretusa are worth considerable sums, up to over 1,000 euros. Let’s see the characteristics of the banknote sought by numismatists.


When they remember the 500 read our thoughts turn to the silver coins or the bimetallic variant that we used until 2002. Few people know (or recall) that the 500 lire also existed as banknotes, a very popular cut until the end of the 1970s. The paper version of the 500 lire was printed during the Kingdom of Italy, under the command of Vittorio Emanuele II and after the Second World War. In addition, various types of 500 lire banknotes were printed, including the denominated one Aretusa due to the effigy of a Greek deity on one face.

How the 500 Lire Aretusa are distinguished

the 500 Aretusa Lira on one face they have a profile of a woman imprinted on the right side and the image of a bird of prey on the left. In addition, it is possible to observe the presence of due cornucopie made in filigree. The banknote was printed from 1966 to 1975 and the dimensions are 110 x 55 mm.

For numismatists, the 500 Aretusa lire may prove to be an important piece of the collection. Those who own them, therefore, could have a small treasure in their hands, especially in some specific cases.

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What is the value of the 1967 banknote

The specimens from 1967 they are recognizable by the serial number starting with W03 or W04 and have a value of about 120 euros. In order to be worth this sum, the banknote must be in condition Fior di Stampa. With this denomination we mean an object completely comparable to the new one, with an excellent state of conservation both from the point of view of the watermark and the colors. It will be without creases, stains or breaks and free of undulations.

A small treasure for those who own the 1975 500 lire

The rarer and more valuable they are the 500 lire Aretusa del 1975, last year of printing. There are also in this case two versions, one original and one replacement. The first is recognized by the serial number A26 and C26 and has a value up to 800 euros. The second has the serial number W05 and can be valid 1.300 euro. In both cases the conditions must be Fior di Stampa.

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