The 3 facts that you surely did not know about Romelu Lukaku

Romelu Lukaku has shown throughout his career that he is one of the best strikers in the world, and it was probably at Inter Milan where he showed his best version, as he was key to obtaining the scudetto in 2021. However, the Fans of the Italian club did not take very well that he was sold to Chelsea, despite the fact that it meant an income of 115 million euros. The reality is that Inter was prepared to be the protagonist of the Champions League with the Lautaro Martínez-Romelu Lukaku duo, but the footballer decided to emigrate.

Ironically, after a season in which he did not have much continuity, the Belgian striker put pressure on Chelsea to generate a return to Serie A, a league in which he made a big difference. Then, added to the delicate moment that the English team is going through with the change of ownership, they agreed to let him go. And it was in this way that in the last few hours it was confirmed that Lukaku was going to return to Inter on loan for the following season in exchange for 8 million euros plus supplements. Although they must also pay him the 11 million euros per year that he has as a salary.


The 3 facts you didn’t know about Romelu Lukaku

The footballer who has moved the most money in the transfer market

One of the biggest curiosities of Romelu Lukaku’s career is that he turns out to be the footballer who has moved the most money in the history of football; taking into account all the transfers in which he was the protagonist. In total, the forward has around 190 million euros spent over 11 years, since it all started when Chelsea spent 15 million to sign him from Anderlecht. And then he continued with an important one to Everton for almost 40 million euros.

Also, in 2017, Manchester United paid 85 million euros to keep the striker, but he only lasted a couple of seasons until Inter paid 74 million to acquire him. Obviously, after his great performance in Italy, his pass was revalidated and he ended up being sold to Chelsea again, but this time for 115 million euros. Therefore, Lukaku is the player who has moved the most money in the transfer market.

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His ease with languages

Although he was born in the city of Antwerp, Belgium, the striker has an impressive ability to learn languages. In particular, Romelu Lukaku can speak 8 languages: French, German, Spanish, English, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian and Flemish (a variant of Dutch). Although the footballer never gave an explanation of why he knows so many languages, it is something that makes it much easier for him when it comes to communicating with his teammates.

Beyond the fact that he only played in the Belgian league, in the Premier League, and in Serie A; This issue of languages ​​has made things easier for him to be able to adapt to the different teams that he had to arrive at. Likewise, this curiosity came to light when last year, UEFA published a list with all the Chelsea players and certain characteristics. In addition to nationality, number and position, the list also included the languages ​​of the different players.

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Romelu Lukaku’s hard childhood

Of course, he is currently one of the richest players in the world considering all the money he has moved in every transfer market since his debut. Still, Lukaku always remembers his humble past when he was little and had to work in a restaurant because his father had retired from football, and his mother had been diagnosed with diabetes. Therefore, both Romelu and his brother had jobs to be able to help their family, in addition to playing youth ball.

“My parents didn’t eat at night so that my brother and I could eat,” Lukaku told La Gazzetta dello Sport a few years ago. It is due to this past that the footballer makes a letter ‘A’ with his hands every time he scores a goal, because it is in honor of his mother (Adolphine). And beyond the decisions about his career and the millions of euros, humility is something that remains very firm.

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