The 10th Cause of Death, Kidney Disease Every Year Takes More Than 42 Thousand Lives

Early detection of kidney disease needs to be done to avoid its severity.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Kidney disease is the 10th cause of death in Indonesia with more than 42,000 deaths per year. People need to be aware of this disease by taking prevention as early as possible and recognizing the characteristics of kidney disease.

Kidneys function to get rid of metabolic waste in the body. All processes in the body will be excreted through the liver and kidneys. Disposal of waste from the kidneys is channeled through the urine, while the disposal from the liver is through the anus.

In addition to producing urine, the kidneys function to maintain fluid balance. For example, when the air temperature is cold, the body will urinate more often, but if the air temperature is hot, the body will feel lack of fluids.

Chairman of the Indonesian Nephrology Association (Pernefri) Dr. Zulkhair Ali said, if the kidneys are not functioning, kidney failure will occur. He said the common kidney diseases experienced were kidney stones, kidney infections, and kidney inflammation.

“There is also what happens because of diabetes, hypertension, lupus, and polycystic,” said Dr. Zulkhair.

These diseases can reduce kidney function. Impaired kidney function can be acute or chronic.

“On Kidney illness acute, the patient’s symptoms look very severe, but can recover completely,” said Dr. Zulkhair in a virtual press conference World Kidney Day in Jakarta, Thursday (17/3/2022).

Meanwhile, in chronic kidney disease, patients do not feel anything, there are no symptoms. However, when his condition was severe, he finally had to have dialysis.

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“His condition could not be cured again,” said Dr. Zulkhair.

Chronic kidney disease, according to Dr. Zulkhair, is a global health problem because of its prevalence kidney failure increasing day by day. Not only that, the disease is progressive and irreversible, has a high mortality rate, and is expensive.

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