That annoying headache upon waking between causes and solutions

How many times have you woken up at any time of the morning and immediately feel an annoying headache. With the urge to immediately go back to bed or have breakfast and immediately take a painkiller. But if you also suffer from morning headaches, you are in good company, because it is a symptom that accompanies even one in three Italians. That annoying headache upon waking up between causes and solutions, which we will analyze with the Experts of our editorial staff.

An opportune premise

An appropriate premise must be made immediately: if we always wake up with a headache every morning and we have not yet done so, we should still contact a specialist. The causes that trigger a headache upon waking up can be many and always vary from person to person.

Difficulty falling asleep

Without frightening us too much, one of the main causes that can lead to headaches upon waking up is the difficulty in falling asleep and maintaining a lasting and restful sleep. Stress, depression, everyday problems and family anxieties can lead to difficulty falling asleep. Our advice is to use herbs, before traditional medicine.

Sleep apnea

That annoying headache upon waking up between causes and solutions is often caused by the so-called sleep apnea. It is a fairly common but often not known or underestimated symptom that causes our breathing to stop briefly during sleep. For a few seconds our brain does not receive oxygen and the next morning we also denote concentration limits and memory lapses.

The heart dehydrates us

Even if we don’t do any activity during the night, the heart and brain don’t stop working. We therefore consume energy which leads to dehydration. A lack of fluids in sleep can also lead to that annoying headache upon waking up between causes and solutions that we are analyzing with our experts.

Prevention once again

We can prevent headaches with some targeted actions such as: avoiding coffee and spicy foods at dinner, drinking a lot before bed, having a light dinner, doing sports or yoga during the day. But also important are: the perfect correction of vision and missing diopters, a correct night posture and sleeping on an orthopedic mattress, with a pillow that does not disturb the neck.


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