Roger Vanden Stock to Col de la Loze: “Think Kompany and Vandenhaute are wrong” | Tour

Vanden Stock is very much at home in Méribel. In the French ski resort he had an appointment yesterday with the Tour de France, which passed the door of his second home.

Vanden Stock had been looking forward to the arrival of the Tour for months. “I always said that this Tour would be decided on the Col de la Loze.”

“Perhaps that prediction has come true, because Roglic may have a decisive gap at the moment. I expected more from Tadej Pogacar, but Roglic has done well.”

“I have to say: those riders, even the rider who is last in the standings, I take my hat off for that. It’s really incredible what those men are doing and that they will soon reach Paris.”

“Les forçats de la route. The forced laborers of the road. If you compare riders to footballers, you can only conclude that footballers are way too spoiled.”

Which Belgian will ever win the Tour again? Vanden Stock does not have to think long: “Remco Evenepoel! I think Remco can win the Tour one day. I would be proud. It is good that he has taken the road of cycling.”

Because: Evenepoel was a promising football player. He made a name for himself at Anderlecht, until he was told that he was just not good enough to become a top football player.

Kiki Vanden Stock, Roger’s wife: “Remco should be grateful to his trainer for putting him on the bench at the time.”

Roger has a good laugh at his wife’s statement.

Anderlecht: the word has fallen. Vanden Stock held the title at the capital club from 1996 to 2018.

“Whether the word Anderlecht still comes up a lot at my place? Less and less. But I still follow the club. I’m happy when they win, they are playing quite well at the moment.”

Kiki: “It hurts to see how the club has deteriorated in such a short time. That really hurts.”

Roger: “Whether I have faith in Vincent Kompany’s and Wouter Vandenhaute’s project? I won’t answer that (laughs). I hope they are right, but I think they are wrong.”

“They talk about the youth. Well, the Anderlecht youth is fantastic, but they still let the youth go. I hope that guys like Doku, Verschaeren and Dimata will play for Anderlecht for at least another 5 years, but that will not … . “

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