Thanathorn children – a big step Prepare to propose amendments to Section 112, attach to the Comp.

14 Jan ’20 – Mr. Chaitawat Tula Thanasor, Sen. List. Party secretary Mentioning the case of the police arresting Mr. Sirichai Na To or New, a first year student, Thammasat University At around 5pm yesterday (13 Jan) of the charges under Article 112, accused. He committed the offense of spouting “Abolish Section 112” and “Tax I” that he saw that it was once again that the authorities had unfairly enforced Article 112. And violates the fundamental rights of the people Until becoming a tool for political repression Which in the case of New Officials have no reason to issue a warrant before issuing a summons to acknowledge the allegations under normal procedures.

It is also a raid in the night. Violate the rights of the accused Do not contact a lawyer. And raids on accommodation before showing a search warrant And that case is considered a mistake of the policy Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha announced on 19 November 2020 that all laws, including Article 112, would be applied to students who came to political rallies and expressions. To keep the country calm As a result, 40 people have been prosecuted under Section 112 in 28 cases, with the youngest prosecuted 16 years.

“The Milestone Party insists that This policy of the government. It is not a valid approach to dealing with the political expression of a student calling for Gen. Prayut resigns and reforms the monarchy Because in addition to being unable to resolve conflicts and political differences The application of Section 112 in the current situation will only worsen the relationship between the King and the people in a democratic society. I hope New will be temporarily released today. To be able to come out to exercise the right to defend the case and to demand that the government stop the use of Article 112, including other security laws It is a tool to suppress politics and violate rights. Basic freedom of the people, “said Chaitawat.

Mr. Chaitawat said in addition, when the council opens the meeting again The Leap Party will submit a draft amendment to the Criminal Code. For all defamation offenses, including Article 112, the Draft Amendment of the Computer Crimes Act 2017, and the draft amendment of the Public Assembly Act 2015. To protect and ensure the freedom of expression of the people according to the basic principles of democracy.


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