Test subject for corona vaccine died, but p …

A Brazilian subject who received a possible corona vaccine from AstraZeneca / Oxford has died. Anvisa, the health authority of the South American country, reports this Wednesday. Despite the death, the trials are not stopped. It concerns the vaccine that our country has also ordered.

The health authority was notified of the death two days ago. More information about the victim – his identity, gender or age – was not disclosed. The Brazilian government did say – after consultation with the manufacturers of the vaccine – that the trials will not be stopped for the time being.

The government of the South American country has already plans to purchase the British vaccine – once it is Kalar – and produce it at its own FioCruz research center in Rio de Janeiro. Meanwhile, a competing vaccine from the Chinese Sinovac is also being tested.

With 154,000 dead, Brazil has the second deadliest outbreak of the corona virus worldwide. Only the United States (221,000) has more deaths. More than 5.2 million infections have also been diagnosed, most after the United States (8.3 million) and India (7.6 million).


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