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Tesla: a first look at the new structural battery pack

Among the main news that Tesla had announced during its Battery Day there was the future introduction of a battery pack with structural function. In the next models of the American manufacturer, the accumulators will not be simple casings containing the cells but will have a load bearing function contributing to the structural integrity of the frame. In very simple terms, this technical choice will reduce the parts of the car and the total mass of the battery pack. All this means being able to improve the efficiency of the cars and therefore the autonomy.

Electrek got it a first real image of this structural battery pack that Tesla is developing. The photo highlights a structure that can be defined as a honeycomb. No more slots for the modules but many “holes” where to directly insert the new cells with the 4680 format also developed by Elon Musk’s company. The image also highlights a further detail and that is the new circuit for the air conditioning system of the cells whose tubes run to the sides of the battery pack.

This new one technical choice for batteries as a whole it therefore brings various advantages in terms of improving autonomy. This shot allows, therefore, to take a first look at the structural battery pack that Tesla intends to use in combination with 4680 cells which will directly produce e with the help of some partners like Panasonic.

But what will be the first models that will have this new refined technical solution? Apparently there should be new sporty Model S Plaid which is expected to debut towards the end of 2021 and which will offer an estimated range of over 840 km. In addition, the structural battery pack should be used also inside the Model Y which will be produced in the Berlin Gigafactory once it officially goes into operation starting next summer.

Months ago, in fact, Elon Musk had pointed out that his electric SUV built in Europe it would have presented precise constructive differences compared to that produced in America.

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