Tennis: sacred numbers in contention in the Challenge of the city of Montluçon (Allier)

Garnished fillets… These are indeed the platters of choice offered this year by the Challenge of the city of Montluçon (Allier), at the Roger-Tariant center. Started on October 30, this competition, which is part of the National Circuit of Grand Tournaments (CNGT), and which is open from non-classified to 1st series, is now starting its last week. With finals scheduled for Sunday 12 December.

And if some 195 players have registered in total, very few of them can claim the final victories. The main favorites will not even make their entry into the running until this Saturday, September 11, in the quarter-finals, given their ranks. And what ranks …

Feminine painting

Neither more nor less than the fifteenth world rank, occupied in 2010 by Aravane Rezai. Now 34 years old and down to 1,289th in the WTA rankings (-15 in France), after long years of struggles and even a break in her career, she has picked up the thread of her racquet on the secondary circuit.

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But, all Rezai that she is, and even in Montluçon, she will have a lot to do to win. Let us mention in particular the American Robin Montgomery (AC Mouratoglou), 17, ranked n ° 15 in France and winner of the US Open juniors this year. Let’s not forget either Jade Bornay (n ° 44, Montfermeil), the Russian Polina Bakhmutkina (n ° 48, Dreux AC), or six other girls classified -15. Including the finalist of the last edition, in 2019 – 2020 canceled due to Covid -, Thanh-Lan Truong (La Verpillière, Isère), or the Montferrandaise Clarisse Aussert.

Male table

These gentlemen will not be outdone either. With four players ranked -15 and above all there also three numbered among the best hundred in France. The best positioned of them being Johan Tatlot (n ° 55, Blanc-Mesnil), 25 years old and who was sixth in the world in 2015 among juniors. Then follow Jules Okala (n ° 67, Sannois OSS), then Hugo Voljacques (n ° 91, Annecy Tennis). And don’t underestimate either Emilien Voisin (-15, TC Échirolles), the 2019 title holder.

In short, here is what promises us high level parties … if no last minute withdrawal is not found among all these aces of aces. “We have rarely, if ever, had paintings of such quality”, also depicts Michel Albert, the referee of the competition. In short, great art …

The program

– Friday December 10.Sixteenth then round of 16.
– Saturday December 11.Quarter-finals.
– Sunday December 12.Morning: semi-finals. Afternoon: finals.

* Free entry, in compliance with health rules, to the Roger-Tariant center, in Montluçon.

Canceled in 2020, the tennis Grand Prix of the city of Montluçon (Allier) resumes service this year [20/10/2021]

Text: Luc Barre
Photos: CentreFrance archives


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