Marathón puts clauses in Henry Figueroa’s contract in case of being punished in Costa Rica – Ten

Although the defender Henry Figueroa still does not define its situation in Costa Rica, this Monday signed his contract with the Marathon directed by Héctor Vargas.

The National Anti-Doping Commission of Costa Rica investigates the catracho for alleged evasion of doping test on December 8 after the Alajuelense-Herediano game.

If found guilty, Henry could face a punishment of Up to four years suspension.

Rolin Peña, manager of the purslane cadre, explained to TEN that in the contract with Figueroa there are clauses that establish several scenarios.

“An agreement was reached to link Henry Figueroa for a year where both parties are satisfied. The registration procedure and pass request will begin. If there is any problem with the issue in Costa Rica there are private conditions within the contract that establish the situations for both parties in case of any inability to participate, or if it is suspended, “Peña said.

He added: “Those issues are contemplated. The first thing was to receive the player, to think that he is an important footballer who can help us, too. mention that he has not been very clothed by sports authorities “.

The Costa Rica Anti-Doping Commission will announce the resolution on the Henry Figueroa case in the coming days.

In Marathón they will be waiting for the announcement made by the Anti-Doping Commission Ethics

“In the case we signed a player with great conditions, who can help the team a lot. Obviously you have to be in expectation of what happens in Costa Rica, but the conditions that we fix privately establish several scenarios“.

Peña explained that the decision to sign Figueroa was a decision taken by the Board of Directors in conjunction with the technician.

Henry is a Honduran who cannot be denied the right to work. You cannot judge a human being without having the right to defense, “he closed.


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