Temperature drop: Already have summer tires on? That is why the old O-to-O rule no longer applies

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Anyone who dutifully changed their tires at Easter is now left behind: The onset of winter is causing some motorists to skid a lot. A TÜV expert explains.

Erfurt (Thuringia) – The old “O-to-O rule” has become part of the flesh and blood of some drivers since they first started driving. After all, this donkey bridge is practical and you are always one hundred percent correctly equipped – or not? At least many car owners have assumed that – and are currently experiencing what it is like when the weather does not suit the time of year.

After all, April is a changeable spring month when it comes to the weather and it’s not always sunshine. Right now, new snowstorms are causing enormous problems for drivers who have already put on their summer tires. Because the profile of summer tires has less grip than that of winter tires and therefore does not stick as well on snow-covered, icy or slippery roads. You can read everything about the rules of thumb – and WHEN you should change your tires – at 24auto.de* *24auto.de is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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