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Telegram mocks WhatsApp’s new feature, called out of date


The feud between Telegram and WhatsApp still continues to this day. Photo/IST

MENLO PARK – Competition between social media is relentless, including the two instant messaging applications Telegram and WhatsApp.

Recently, Telegram was caught mocking WhatsApp because the Facebook-owned application was considered outdated.

It is known a few days ago, WhatsApp announced the launch of the chat history transfer feature from iPhone to Android via Twitter. This feature is one of the most awaited by WhatsApp users and has been tested for a long time.

But Telegram has had a similar feature for a long time. The application created by Pavel Durov immediately replied to WhatsApp’s tweet on Twitter with a GIF from the Jumanji film that read ‘What year is it?’, quoted from Gizchina, Tuesday (7/9/2021)

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Telegram also made fun of WhatsApp because this new feature hasn’t been fully implemented yet, as it only allows chats to be moved from iOS to Android, and not the other way around.

Moreover, this feature is only available for devices from the Samsung manufacturer.

Even though Telegram is superior to WhatsApp in terms of functionality, WhatsApp is still the most used app in the world with more than two billion monthly active users.

However, little by little the trend is changing and more and more users are switching from WhatsApp to Telegram.

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