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Tekken 8 Collaboration with THE LAST ROCKSTARS: Official Image Song and Release Details

The Tekken series is a 3D fighting game originating from Japan that boasts a history of about 30 years, starting with the commercial version of “Tekken,” and has sold over 55 million copies worldwide. On the other hand, THE LAST ROCKSTARS was also formed in 2022 by four members who reign at the top of the rock world and are famous all over the world, with the same ambition in mind and to challenge the world as “the last rock stars”. super group. With the new song “MASTERY”, which has been selected as the image song, this unique collaboration has been realized by vowing to carve a new history in the world together while creating a synergy that takes advantage of the strengths of “games” and “rock”. did.

The new song “MASTERY” was written for “Tekken 8” and has an ultra-aggressive sound reminiscent of the intense battles and emotional story of the game. SUGIZO plays a heavy and muscular guitar, and MIYAVI’s guitar and rap are fierce and ready to battle. Then there’s HYDE’s vocals, as if they were fighting each other, and YOSHIKI’s piano, which spins the whole story. It’s a magnificent song that makes you feel like you’re watching a movie. The timing of the subscription distribution of the song has not been determined, but it is scheduled to be released soon as the official image song for “Tekken 8”.


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Title: Tekken 8
Genre: 3D fighting
Sales: Bandai Namco Entertainment
Compatible platforms: PlayStation®5/Xbox Series X|S/Steam®
Release date: Scheduled for Friday, January 26, 2024
Price (tax included):
Regular version: 9,680 yen (packaged version/digital version)
Special edition: 26,180 yen (package version) *
Regular version with figure: 31,680 yen (packaged version) *
Super special edition: 53,680 yen (package version) *
Deluxe edition: 13,970 yen (digital version)
Ultimate edition: 14,960 yen (digital version)
*Steam code-in BOX version containing Steam code is also available.
Number of players:
Offline: 1-2 people,
Online: up to 16 people

TEKKEN™8 & ©Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.
*Information information is as of the date of announcement.
*The screen is currently under development.
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“Tekken 8” official website

“Tekken” Series Official X (former Twitter/@TEKKEN_Project)

TEKKEN™8 & ©Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.

TEKKEN™8 & ©Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.

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