Dominika Gottová: This probably wouldn’t please Dad!

After Dominika Gott, she said, tried to commit suicide, she got into trouble. Therefore, the situation in Finland is also being addressed by the Czech Embassy in Helsinki.

Server I see! claims that Karel Gott’s eldest daughter turned to the embassy for help after her alleged suicide attempt.

It all started when, according to Dominika, she tried to end her life in Finland in recent days. According to the server, however, it is not clear whether she meant it.

Due to her psyche, however, she allegedly missed the plane to Prague, where she wanted to resolve her current obligations. She therefore asked the Czech embassy for help.

“I managed to contact Mrs. Gott by phone today, I asked about her situation and offered her help within our competencies. Due to the strict rules regarding personal data protection, I cannot inform you in more detail,” said Consul Martin Skládal for the server.

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