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Tears of blood… – Nice Provence Info

Never would I have thought that the dregs of this world would unite under the banner of a war under the guise of covetousness. What about this so-called saving world that our elders would have left us as a heritage?
Today in a glazed and hermetically sealed box, a plague victim faces judges politicized and manipulated by a shameless world caste.
Vadim Chichimarine, of his name and just 21 years old, certainly in love in his Russia of birth with a young girl with the mane of a wheat blond, who one day under precise orders left the suburbs of his hometown ruskof for a war that he had not asked. He had no idea that one day he would become the scapegoat of a war wanted by states whose capitals he had never visited.
The African lion locked up in his steel cage must share the same distress as this kid, locked up in his glass box. Why do the Ukrainian authorities feel so powerful in front of a kid of this age? He allegedly shot a 62-year-old civilian in cold blood. Russia went to war for age-old ideals, taking us back to the past. But let’s not forget that Ukraine has been at war in the Donbass since 2014. How many murders under official delegations to carry weapons of war have they perpetrated since that date?

Lion locked up zoo cage

How many other children from all these dominating countries will live locked up in these glass jails? Then in a deathly silence leaving them only tears of blood flooding the parlors, where no one from their families will ever come to visit them, they will suffer from the indecency of the powers of the grown-ups who bring them to their knees.
Life imprisonment, final sentence and despite the appeal of the defense lawyer, this young man with fixed eyes and a shaved head will never see Red Square again.
Each from the height of his throne claims the head of the other under warlike and fallacious pretexts. From Moscow to kyiv, passing through all the other capitals of this sick world, they all claim with more verve than their discussion counterparts, the death of others. Wouldn’t they, themselves, be solely responsible for these murders perpetrated for ideals and for decadent tsars or presidents.
As in all wars, the dead no longer speak to the living except through their dreams buried in the depths of their lost memories.
I am ashamed to be of this species that is said to be intelligent, ashamed to see that juvenile children without hair on their chin are used as scapegoats, for the simple and perfect pleasure of the decision-makers of this world. To see that their wars that they have declared, decimate a youth and destroy countries, without a single one of them being worried.
Ashamed to see all these tears of blood replace smiles.

Philippe Marecaux

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