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Tatiana Doncheva criticizes the government: A village chief cannot be the head of a national service

Tatiana Doncheva. BTV frame

I don’t know who framed him and for what, but the decision must be seriously considered. You can’t make a village chief head of a national service. A village chief cannot be the head of a national service. These are services that want a heavy “vestibular” apparatus. Either take him through the steps or he will collapse in a few months, involving you in several scandals.

This was stated by Tatiana Doncheva from “Movement 21” to bTV.

“Dear staff of the presidency, I notice that this is not the first time you have made strange appointments with regard to the special services and the interior ministry. You cannot take a ‘dancer’ from Kyustendil to make him head of national security, because there is no way to they jump steps, especially in this activity “, added Doncheva.

Her words are on the occasion of the dismissal of the current head of SANS Dimitar Georgiev and the appointment of Plamen Tonchev.

The battle with GERB and their remnants will last a very long time, until the election campaign and after that, it is an “underground” dug into the security services and financial institutions. This was said in the studio of “Face to Face” by Tatiana Doncheva.

“The mere fact that a SANS chief may think of taking unpaid leave for five months is enough for him to be released immediately. This means that there was a person there who had no idea of ​​national security and who served the state 24 hours a day. If he did it because someone told him to, even worse, then it’s some kind of “lollipop” who is in a similar position in unknown ways and has put all of us at risk during the years he headed the service. ” she added.

According to her, Dimitar Georgiev was never the head of SANS, but rather the service was headed by the representatives of the Monterey circle, who were his deputies and some other persons outside SANS.

“The good thing about this caretaker government is that there are many people who do not want a long political career. “Some call them ‘kamikazes,’ they are brave and purposeful enough,” Doncheva said.

“The coalition agreement” Stand up! Mutri van ”ended on April 4, during the short life of the parliament, and we had no talks for the next two weeks. “The time when we had to decide the question of how we are appearing and whether we are appearing at all in the upcoming parliamentary elections was approaching, then came the offer of Cornelia Ninova for negotiations,” said the leader of “Movement 21”.

She added that she had conducted negotiations in which it was normal and mandatory to take into account the price of the formation, which Doncheva represents and her party members, and said that the name and interests of the party were fully protected.

A few days ago, the leaders of “Stand up! Mutri out! ”Announced that they keep their form for the upcoming elections, and Tatiana Doneva will lead the lists in Varna and Ruse.

“We are competing for the coalition” Stand Up.BG “, which will contain the suffix” Mutri out! “Now for the last time. The coalition will be represented only by Maya Manolova and the ratio will not allow anyone to spoil the group, “Doncheva explained.

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