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TANABATA: A journey towards the orphanhood of nature

TANABATA is a theatrical experience that invites us to rethink the way we love through our bond with nature. It is presented as a show where the magical and the ritual, the intimate and the universal, are intertwined with pre-Hispanic, East Asian and Middle Eastern notions to give life to a theater that, through the total expression of the bodies, reminds us how we have forgotten our connection with nature. It is directed by Giovanni Vidori, fourteen actors and actresses on stage and more than twenty artists working around it.

Since its founding in 2020, the Corpos del Abismo Cultural Association carries out theatrical activities with an intercultural and interdisciplinary approach, reflected in the constant dialogue with various areas of the humanities and the performing arts. They have been nominated for best editing a couple of times and won the award for Best Direction in the Drama category of the Critical Craft.


A woman heads to the fantastic Tanabata festival with the desire to be reunited with her parents once again. To achieve this, she must go through a magical underworld where nature manifests itself in bodies that feel, roar, bleed and have memory. The River, the black Puma and Death become her allies during this journey, helping her feel like a small part of a vast and enigmatic whole. Upon arriving at Tanabata, she is finally reunited with her parents, now surrounded by the loved ones that nature has also lost and missed deeply.

Appetizer: www.joinnus.com/events/theater/lima-tanabata-60326

Dates: From April 18 to 27, Thursday to Saturday at 8:00 pm

Location: The Space Shed (Av. Manuel Cyprian Dulanto 949 – Free People)

Instagram: www.instagram.com/cuerposdelabismo

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