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Tamaulipas State Cyber Guard Warns Citizens of Cyberbullying by Financial Apps


February 24, 2024

Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas. – Given the increase in the use of financial applications that grant loans, the State Cyber ​​Guard alerts Tamaulipas citizens regarding cases of cyberbullying carried out by these sites, which represent 60% of the nearly one thousand reports received per year in this dependency.

The Second ”A” Police Officer in charge of the State Cyber ​​Guard Unit, Javier Galindo Hernández, explained that when installing the applications on the devices, most people authorize access to information such as the contact book, location, gallery and camera.

Once the information is obtained, it is used to pressure the user to settle the debt which, on various occasions, usually contains higher interests than those agreed upon, which makes payment difficult and leads to extortion or threats to the debtors and/or their families. relatives.

For legal reasons, he stated that the names of the applications that use this type of harassment cannot be revealed, however, he recommended that users, before installing any of them, verify their registration with the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (CONDUSEF) on the official site of this agency.

As part of the follow-up given to the reported cases, he explained that they are channeled to the Ministry of Security and Citizen Protection to request their removal from the application store and prevent more people from being affected.

For her part, the head of the Information Analysis Department of the State Cyber ​​Guard, Anayely Cruz Ortiz, urged citizens to be responsible and not request loans that they cannot cover, since calls have also been received from people demanding guidance to evade collection.

”There are people who, rather, what they want is for us to help them not to be bothered and continue downloading applications, this can become another crime, now the citizen can be the person who is committing the crime of fraud,” he explained.

If they are victims of any cybercrime or require guidance, citizens can contact the emergency numbers: 911 and 089 or the hotline: 8343186232 extension: 16099, to the official Facebook page: Tamaulipas Cyber ​​Police and the email: [email protected].


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