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Talia Levitt’s solo exhibition at ATM Gallery NYC

My Moon: Talia Levitt’s personal exhibition at ATM Gallery NYC

Organized by Ché Morales at ATM Gallry NYC, the My Moon exhibition by Talia Levitt offers a unique vision of the relationship we can have with the human body and our anatomy.

Working from Brooklyn, Talia Levitt cut her teeth in prestigious institutions such as the Rhode Island School of Design or Hunter College in New York. Winner of numerous awards, she is recognized in the community as a great artist capable of expressing, through her works and tapestries, different feelings thanks to her ability to create trompe l’oeil and evoking several artistic styles.

Here, with the collaboration of curator Ché Morales, the exhibition finds a very particular resonance at ATM Gallery NYC: transforming the gray / cold title at the front of the gallery into a sparkling pink title, in homage to the colors of the room teenage girl by the artist, recalling the first discoveries of her body and her first menstruation.

To create his trompe l’oeil, the artist uses acrylic clothing and a multitude of creative processes to play on textures, making everything harmonious, in a form of organized disorder. The title of the exhibition My Moon, the artist’s first personal exhibition, refers to the very personal, even intimate, universe of Talia Levitt, who here expresses human anatomy – and more particularly the anatomy of women – as well as its various transformations throughout of life.

From March 25 to April 25, 2021, come and discover the exhibition My Moon signed Talia Levitt and curated by Ché Morales within the ATM Gallery in New York, as well as through the photo gallery below.

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