Taking Care of Grandma Vilma: The Challenges Faced by Kateřina and the Importance of a Nursing Service

Taking Care of Grandma Vilma: The Challenges Faced by Kateřina and the Importance of a Nursing Service

Even a good intention can turn into a horror. The Nykls, who decided to take care of Grandma Vilma at home, know about it. But she doesn’t tolerate her impotence and vents her anger from doing nothing on those around her, especially on Kateřina.

Kateřina Vilma provides a five-star nursing service

Kateřina commutes between the pub and her former bedroom in Lumir’s apartment, where his mother is currently staying. Of course she agreed, because taking care of your own parents is the right thing to do. Correct, but sometimes very difficult. Especially when Vendulka doesn’t know where to jump first because of the winning selection process. The entire care is thus more or less on Kateřina. However, because of Vilma’s behavior, her famous energy is starting to run out and the smile on her lips is fading. Instead of thanks, he gets insults. He finds solace with Vendula in the bistro. Vendulka comforts Kateřina that she should not take anything her grandmother tells her personally. But she herself suspects that this won’t just get over the top. It will be necessary to take decisive action. At least he will tell his dad Lumir everything in the heat of the moment. Even he could take a bit of work and not leave all the care to his new wife.

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Lumir prepares dinner for Kateřina and arranges for a nurse

When Lumir hears how his mother is not cooperating, he decides to take direct steps to protect the mental health of all members of his family, especially Kateřina. He prepares her a good dinner, pours wine and dials the number of the nursing service. Some viewers might argue that he should have done this first of all. A medical bed is not really enough for the care of a lying person. When Grandma Vilma cannot be washed away from her family members, the only option is to send a nurse to her. Even Mário offers to help. He is convinced that he is one of the few who can get something into Grandma Vilma. He has been trained in persuasive techniques from his daughter Sofinka. His daughter is also one of the non-eaters and he promises that he will get raw broccoli to Granny Vilma’s immediately.

The number of occasions when Jirka and Martina see each other is increasing

At least something can warm Kateřina’s heart, if it’s not warm relations with her mother-in-law. Despite her troubles, she couldn’t help but notice that something was developing between her daughter Martina and the young mayor. When Martina helps him with the translation, Jirka himself offers to help Kateřina knock over a barrel of beer instead. But he would be a handsome and successful man for her bubbly little girl! But as Kateřina already knows well, in order for it to work, Martina has to figure it out herself.

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Although he still doesn’t admit it, Jirka is at least very likeable. She would probably also feel sorry if his interest suddenly waned. Both have a spark, similar humor, love their work and good food. It could really work here.

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